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Chipper Day coming soon!


June 17

(and, if needed, also June 18)

Improve your property’s FIRE PREVENTION

CHIP those Brush Piles!!

All Kennedy Meadows property owners are invited to sign up. BLM will devote up to one hour of labor with their massive wood chipper to each property owner.

Slag branches need to be stacked in an area accessible to their truck and trailer. The butt end of the branch should face the trailer. Also, designate a direction to blow the produced chips. Leave branches intact as much as possible, as it is easier to pick up a single, large branch to feed the chipper. Branches may be up to 8 inches but light enough to be held by one man.

Team members from the KMPO&A will visit and review your stack a few days prior to June 17 to determine a route and approximate schedule. You must either have someone present or arrange for property access for both the review day and chipping day(s).

Sign up at the May 28th Annual KMPO&A Meeting or by email: (559-850-7235)

Give your contact info, address or APN, and which days you could be present or arrange for access. Also, consider being a volunteer!

Chipper Day(s) Volunteer Information:

  • A Hard Day’s Work, but ONLY as Hard as you Want to Work, NO pressure, the BLM crew just appreciates any help
  • Work is dragging or being part of a chain passing the slag to BLM personnel, as they are the only ones allowed to feed the chipper
  • What to wear/bring and other considerations: Earplugs! BLM will provide the disposable variety if desired
  • Old long sleeve shirt, and long pants. Clothing should not be “loose."  Expect to take a lot of Pinyon sap home on them.
  • Water, you’ll need it!
  • From a central meeting point, drive yourself, or carpool.
  • Benefits: Community Service!
  • Free Lunch from Grumpy Bears courtesy of KMPO&A
  • Get to know some neighbors in a work setting and lending a helping hand
  • A good night’s sleep from being exhausted
  • A few days prior to June 17 an email will be sent to all volunteers with details of the meeting place and time.