KMPO&A Bylaws Update

The KMPO&A Board of Directors (BOD) has approved revisions to our Bylaws and updated our Procedural Handbook.  The bylaw changes can be “adopted only with the written vote of the majority of the Active Members.”  There is no requirement for a secret ballot, which is only required for elections.

You may view the bylaws by clicking on the attached links found at the bottom of this post. Using the bylaw revision ballot, vote either “yes” or “no” on the proposed bylaws revisions. 

In order to get a valid count your name is required on the ballot form.  All comments are welcome and will be considered during the annual bylaw review committee. There will be time set aside at the Memorial Day BBQ meeting to discuss the current changes however, we will not amend the bylaws at the meeting: All recommendations by our voting members will be considered but all revisions will need to go through a committee and the BOD. 

If you decide to mail in your ballot, it must be received before May 31, 2015.  

The proposed changes in the Bylaws are as follows: 1. Revise the yearly KMPO&A Board of Directors election cycle to every two years; 2. Eliminate the annual Labor Day Association meeting in September to an annual Memorial Day weekend Association meeting.

If the revisions to annual Board of Directors’ elections Bylaws are not voted in, the BOD must then initiate the election process for 2015 and a nominating and an election committee will need to be formed.

Yearly elections require a lot of time and effort. These yearly elections also detracts from projects the BOD is hoping to accomplish.  In the last two elections, finding interested candidates has also been difficult.

Because of this, the KMPO&A was discussing the possibility of disbanding the Association due to lack of candidates. New  BOD members barely have time to learn the ropes before having to run for election again. 

With this in mind, the BOD asks that you please vote in favor for these bylaw revisions.  If you vote “no” it means you want to continue yearly elections and by implication indicates you want to be called on to run for the BOD. (You may be called on to run in 2016, even if you vote in favor of the revisions. Please let us know if you are interested and we will have someone from the nomination committee contact you.

Changing the annual KMPO&A  general meeting to  the Memorial Day weekend will greatly improve attendance.  Currently, the September/Labor Day election meeting is sparsely attended. Also, the work of the Board will flow more smoothly with the annual meeting at the beginning of the summer.

Finally, the KMPO&A Procedural Handbook does not require a membership vote. However, we ask that you please review the Handbook and make suggestions. The BOD can revise the Handbook whenever necessary.

Please click here for the KMPO&A Bylaws,  and here for the Procedural Handbook.

There will also be hard copies of each at the KMPO&A Memorial Day meeting.

I hope to see all KMPO&A members and interested folks at the Memorial Day Road Clean-up, BBQ and Meeting!