A quick note about the Meadow Fire

It's *very* smokey in Kennedy Meadows today.  The smoke is from the Meadow Fire which is burning up near the Trail of 100 Giants north of Johnsondale.

According to the Forest Service it is a Use Fire and is currently contained between two creeks. It will not be allowed to expand (which they wish to do, in order to prevent some much larger future situation) until the wind situation becomes better known.

Dennis Johnson has contacted the people responsible for monitoring air quality; They did not expect the westerly winds which are bringing us the smoke.  They have indicated it should be "much better" tomorrow because of changing winds.  The forest serviceindicated it would clear later tonight, but flow in tomorrow morning and then clear in the afternoon, if their forecast is correct.

The San Joaquin Valley Air Quality department can be reached at 559-230-6000 with questions about air quality from this fire.