Lee Watson In Memoriam

Very sad to report that Lee Watson passed away recently while on a family trip to England.  We will all miss her giving personality and bright smile.

Larry Watson wrote this appreciation:

While on a trip to England and France, Lee Watson suffered a stroke and passed away in Epsom, England. The trip had put a big hole in her bucket list as seeing Paris was at the top.
Lee was born in Douglas Arizona in 1953 and grew up in Tucson, the daughter of Leo and Nadine Johnson. Graduated from the University of Arizona as a Systems Engineer in 1975 and made the only mistake in her life by marrying Larry. She gave up her career at Hughes Aircraft to, as she put it, do a harder job and raise a family. She had four kids, Leslie, Sarah, Ross, and Greg.

She was an expert in all disciplines of education, softball, baseball, volleyball, basketball, soccer, water polo and track and field. She attended countless practices and games and every school function involving her brood. She was a volunteer teacher's aide at Arlington High School in Riverside for fourteen years; exactly the same fourteen years she had at least one kid attending the school. They got away with nothing. Raising those kids was her proudest accomplishment.

During that time she directed that a cabin be built in Kennedy Meadows which was finished in 1990 and used extensively. Her kids lived in the city but grew up in the mountains. When the kids were up and gone she decided to rescue the family construction company by assuming the role of CEO, CFO and BMF. She agreed to retire in Kennedy Meadows if somebody built her a house to her specifications. Somebody did. She moved in in 2013. She loved her kids, house, cooking, reading, movies, stitchery, Kennedy Meadows and its people, and put up with her husband for 41 years, 6 months and one day.

She had a smile that would light up the darkest of times and places and was the most beautiful, approachable and friendly 6-foot tall redhead you could ever meet. There is no way a single page could convey the love she shared with so many and her impact on everyone who knew her. Sweet dreams and happy trails, Lee. You have no idea how much you will be missed. Rest in peace.  
- Larry Watson