Fire and Fauna

Thanks to Larry Watson for this timely note:

In case no one noticed we are in the monsoon season. With the welcome rain comes the obligatory lightning. So far this year we have had no starts on our side of the South Fork of the Kern even though we have had a few downstrikes. If you happen to see a downstrike keep an eye on the area for a day or so to see if it does indeed become a fire. If you see smoke call the help line or call a local volunteer firefighter directly. Once we verify the fire and get a confirmed location we can call the appropriate agencies for help.  We would much rather chase a false report than have a lightning start get away from us and become a major blaze. Please don't hesitate to call if you think you see something. As always, clear the area around your structures of flammable materials. A one hundred foot clear zone makes a world of difference in structure protection. I know we lost the chipper day from BLM due to them being sent out of state but don't abandon the effort. I understand additional days are supposed to be scheduled.
    As for the fauna, or if you choose, the bears, there are a couple of fair sized ones roaming the area and they don't appear to be inclined to move on. Don't leave dog food, horse food, alpaca food , cat food, bird seed, trash or any other enticement out where they can get at it. So far they have done minimal damage but the potential is there. It is a shame to have to kill them when they become destructive but it can be avoided if everyone works at removing domestic food sources.

Have a safe fire and bear free summer.      Larry Watson      Station 18 TCFD