Kennedy Meadows Campground Closure


As many of you may know, The Sequoia National Forest has announced they will no longer maintain the Kennedy Meadows Campground.
The Kennedy Meadows campground:

  • Protects the health of the community and the South Fork by providing sanitation in a heavily used area. This use will probably continue whether the campground is closed or not.
  • Provides a place other than our private property for visitors to stay and access the river and domelands.
  •  Concentrates campers in an area more easily accessed in case of campfire danger.
  •  Contributes significantly to the economy of the community, benefiting business owners AND those of us who patronize those businesses.
  •  Attracts visitors to our area resulting in more who might want someday to buy property and become part of the community.

You will find more background information HERE.

Background information on potential sanitation problems HERE.

A SAMPLE LETTER and instructions for whom to contact HERE.


Thanks to Kitty Ferguson and Ed Royce!