A quick note about the Meadow Fire

It's *very* smokey in Kennedy Meadows today.  The smoke is from the Meadow Fire which is burning up near the Trail of 100 Giants north of Johnsondale.

According to the Forest Service it is a Use Fire and is currently contained between two creeks. It will not be allowed to expand (which they wish to do, in order to prevent some much larger future situation) until the wind situation becomes better known.

Dennis Johnson has contacted the people responsible for monitoring air quality; They did not expect the westerly winds which are bringing us the smoke.  They have indicated it should be "much better" tomorrow because of changing winds.  The forest serviceindicated it would clear later tonight, but flow in tomorrow morning and then clear in the afternoon, if their forecast is correct.

The San Joaquin Valley Air Quality department can be reached at 559-230-6000 with questions about air quality from this fire.


All Kennedy Meadows property owners are invited to sign up. BLM will usually devote up to one hour of labor with their massive wood chipper to each property owner. They will be here on Saturday, and stay for Sunday only if there are enough interested parties.

Have your slag branches stacked in an area accessible to their truck and trailer. The butt end of the branch should face the trailer. Also designate a direction to blow the produced chips. Leave branches intact as much as possible, so it is easier to pick up a single, large branch and feed it into the chipper. Branches can be up to 8 inches in diameter (their chipper can go a bit larger), but each should not weigh too much to be picked up by one man. Most will be smaller because the large ones are firewood size. Members of the KMPO&A will check your stack and organize the schedule before BLM comes. You must either have someone present or arrange for access as below.

Sign up through Bill Ferguson by email and/or phone: wwferguson@hughes.net 760‐608‐9958

Give your contact info, address or APN, and which days you could be present or arrange for access.

Kennedy Meadows Campground Closure


As many of you may know, The Sequoia National Forest has announced they will no longer maintain the Kennedy Meadows Campground.
The Kennedy Meadows campground:

  • Protects the health of the community and the South Fork by providing sanitation in a heavily used area. This use will probably continue whether the campground is closed or not.
  • Provides a place other than our private property for visitors to stay and access the river and domelands.
  •  Concentrates campers in an area more easily accessed in case of campfire danger.
  •  Contributes significantly to the economy of the community, benefiting business owners AND those of us who patronize those businesses.
  •  Attracts visitors to our area resulting in more who might want someday to buy property and become part of the community.

You will find more background information HERE.

Background information on potential sanitation problems HERE.

A SAMPLE LETTER and instructions for whom to contact HERE.


Thanks to Kitty Ferguson and Ed Royce!

Kennedy Meadows Campground Closure Threatened

The KMPO&A is currently doing all it can to keep the Kennedy Meadows Campground open.

For the first time in years, we had a resident host at the campgrounds during the 2015 season who did a lot to improve maintenance and the overall camping experience.  We are currently looking for someone who might be interested in hosting the 2016 camping season.  Interested parties should contact us through the contact page on the website.

Fire and Fauna

Thanks to Larry Watson for this timely note:

In case no one noticed we are in the monsoon season. With the welcome rain comes the obligatory lightning. So far this year we have had no starts on our side of the South Fork of the Kern even though we have had a few downstrikes. If you happen to see a downstrike keep an eye on the area for a day or so to see if it does indeed become a fire. If you see smoke call the help line or call a local volunteer firefighter directly. Once we verify the fire and get a confirmed location we can call the appropriate agencies for help.  We would much rather chase a false report than have a lightning start get away from us and become a major blaze. Please don't hesitate to call if you think you see something. As always, clear the area around your structures of flammable materials. A one hundred foot clear zone makes a world of difference in structure protection. I know we lost the chipper day from BLM due to them being sent out of state but don't abandon the effort. I understand additional days are supposed to be scheduled.
    As for the fauna, or if you choose, the bears, there are a couple of fair sized ones roaming the area and they don't appear to be inclined to move on. Don't leave dog food, horse food, alpaca food , cat food, bird seed, trash or any other enticement out where they can get at it. So far they have done minimal damage but the potential is there. It is a shame to have to kill them when they become destructive but it can be avoided if everyone works at removing domestic food sources.

Have a safe fire and bear free summer.      Larry Watson      Station 18 TCFD

KMPO&A Bylaws Update

The KMPO&A Board of Directors (BOD) has approved revisions to our Bylaws and updated our Procedural Handbook.  The bylaw changes can be “adopted only with the written vote of the majority of the Active Members.”  There is no requirement for a secret ballot, which is only required for elections.

You may view the bylaws by clicking on the attached links found at the bottom of this post. Using the bylaw revision ballot, vote either “yes” or “no” on the proposed bylaws revisions. 

In order to get a valid count your name is required on the ballot form.  All comments are welcome and will be considered during the annual bylaw review committee. There will be time set aside at the Memorial Day BBQ meeting to discuss the current changes however, we will not amend the bylaws at the meeting: All recommendations by our voting members will be considered but all revisions will need to go through a committee and the BOD. 

If you decide to mail in your ballot, it must be received before May 31, 2015.  

The proposed changes in the Bylaws are as follows: 1. Revise the yearly KMPO&A Board of Directors election cycle to every two years; 2. Eliminate the annual Labor Day Association meeting in September to an annual Memorial Day weekend Association meeting.

If the revisions to annual Board of Directors’ elections Bylaws are not voted in, the BOD must then initiate the election process for 2015 and a nominating and an election committee will need to be formed.

Yearly elections require a lot of time and effort. These yearly elections also detracts from projects the BOD is hoping to accomplish.  In the last two elections, finding interested candidates has also been difficult.

Because of this, the KMPO&A was discussing the possibility of disbanding the Association due to lack of candidates. New  BOD members barely have time to learn the ropes before having to run for election again. 

With this in mind, the BOD asks that you please vote in favor for these bylaw revisions.  If you vote “no” it means you want to continue yearly elections and by implication indicates you want to be called on to run for the BOD. (You may be called on to run in 2016, even if you vote in favor of the revisions. Please let us know if you are interested and we will have someone from the nomination committee contact you.

Changing the annual KMPO&A  general meeting to  the Memorial Day weekend will greatly improve attendance.  Currently, the September/Labor Day election meeting is sparsely attended. Also, the work of the Board will flow more smoothly with the annual meeting at the beginning of the summer.

Finally, the KMPO&A Procedural Handbook does not require a membership vote. However, we ask that you please review the Handbook and make suggestions. The BOD can revise the Handbook whenever necessary.

Please click here for the KMPO&A Bylaws,  and here for the Procedural Handbook.

There will also be hard copies of each at the KMPO&A Memorial Day meeting.

I hope to see all KMPO&A members and interested folks at the Memorial Day Road Clean-up, BBQ and Meeting!